Each Home at Old Mill will offer super-insulation to hold warmth and reduce running costs.

Each home has

  • Remote home controls via your phone or tablet
  • Solar PV generation to reduce the cost of water heating and daytime electricity use.
  • Low energy LED lighting throughout.
  • Under-floor heating in wet areas
  • Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation to introduce fresh pre-warmed air throughout the home.
  • We use engineered oak flooring and porcelain tiles.
  • Bespoke built in furniture and glass walls.
  • Scene lighting and home entertainment in every room.
  • There is lots of hot water for the shower and the bath and innovative decorative features like stone wall finishes in the shower and wall wash lighting in the main rooms.

Our standard kitchens have

  • High gloss or painted finishes in a choice of colours
  • Bosch Appliances and
  • Wood or Corian worktops

Some homes have

  • Wood burning stoves
  • Sonos sound systems
  • Projector TVs
  • Jacuzzi baths
  • Air Conditioning.

'contemporary function and compelling design'